Pack of 5 Hardwood Eco Heat Logs



Eco Logs are produced using waste Oak & other Hardwood sawdust (Clean Biomass). They are classed as a smokeless fuel.

Because they are compressed you would need 1/3 more volume hardwood and 4 times more volume of softwood to generate the same heat. They have an ash content of less than 1%, which means much less emptying of ashes. Ideal for wood-burning stoves with a long burn period.

Eco logs deliver high performance heat levels in a carbon neutral product therefore not contributing to Global Warming.  It’s suitable for all fireplaces and wood burning stoves.  It delivers a convenient, no spark, initial flame fire delivering on average 18.6MG/KG.

Ash instantly converts into high quality garden fertiliser for immediate use, convenient pack are easily size and clean to handle, packaging fully Recyclable.

Ash Content 0.6%

Moisture 5.1%

Gross Calorfic Value  KJ/Kg 18530

Net calorfic Value KJ/Kg 18226


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